The 10th EAFES International Congress


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To all participants in EAFES 2023:


On behalf of the organizing committee of EAFES 2023 held in Jeju from July 17 to 20, I would like to thank to all participants. All of you made it a very special event.

We were very happy together and participated in 6 great keynote speeches and over 600 presentations.

We all enjoyed more than 600 research presentations across 62 sessions. And about 800 members participated in the congress.

I believe that our ecological society is now in the process of upgrading and that we are all ready  for the changes in the future.

I was very happy to see everyone share their qualified research and actively engage in constructive dialogue. 


And I especially thank you to Dr. Zhiyun OUYANG, the president of EAFES and the president of ESC,  Dr. Tadashi Miyashita, the president of ESJ and Dr. Shinichi Nakano, the Secretary General of EAFES.

They attended the meeting though their busy schedule, and still support us.

In particular, I would like to express my deep gratitude to academic committees of LOC.

They carefully reviewed the submitted abstracts and designed them to run the presentation session effectively.

And thank you to all the presenters.

You kindly did your best to prepare for the presentation until the last minute.

I would also like to thank the organizational committee, ESK, and the secretariat officials, Nuri communication Inc.

Without their precious time and effort, the congress would not have been successful.

After August 1st until December 31, 2023, you can visit the conference website ( ) to see the files, congress program book, proceedings, and photos.

You will find more interests regarding the EAFES 2023. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. 


Thank you!

Young-Han You, Ph.D.


The Ecological Society of Korea