The 10th EAFES International Congress

Visa-related information for those who need a visa.

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Jeju Island is a visa-free province.

When you enter Jeju via a direct flight from China, Japan, etc., you do not need a visa.

We can provide visa-related information for those who need a visa.

If you are arriving from overseas to participate in an international academic conference, you can apply for a short-term general visa (C-3-1).

1. If you DO NOT have a passport

We will send a copy of the invitation letter, without the passport number, via email, to apply for a business passport

Once a business passport has been issued, send a copy of the photo page of the passport, your flight schedule (with flight number), and address (with postal code), and get the invitation letter to be submitted to the Korean Consulate reissued. It will be send these documents all by international mail.

The invitation issued to apply for a passport cannot be sent to the Korean Consulate and used to issue a visa. Request another invitation letter for visa issuance.

2. If you have a valid passport

- name, affiliation, department, position

- passport photo page

- flight schedule (with flight number)

- address where you can receive mail (postal code required), phone number

Once we have received the above information, we will issue an invitation letter and send it to the specified address.

Requests for C-3-1 visa applications must be submitted with a valid passport number.

Participants from other countries (outside China) who need visas can apply to receive invitations if they submit the information under option ‘2.’
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. (