The 10th EAFES International Congress

Multiple Abstract submission

There are no registered attachments.
In case you would like to submit multiple abstracts, please refer to the information below.

<Case 1>
If you have submitted a symposium proposal and would like to submit your abstract.
▶ In this case, please send us your abstract as refer to below e-mail address.
Then, we will upload the abstract through our system.

<Case 2>
If you want to submit more abstracts even though you have already submitted an abstract.
▶ We could suggest two options as follow. Please proceed to submit your multiple abstract in your preferred way.

1) On our system, it is possible to submit only one abstract per account.
So, If you want to upload another abstract, Please make new account and submit it.

2) If you do not want to proceed above way, Please send us your abstract by e-mail.
We could make your temporary account by referring to existing your account information.
Then we will proceed to submit your abstract on behalf of you.